"My first new patient visit was great! It was really helpful to have the new patient forms online. It made my first visit convenient and eliminated the waiting time.

I was very impressed with Dr. Anderson. He made me feel comfortable in a new office, was very thorough and explained everything in easy-to-understand terms.

The girls up front also did a great job helping me understand my insurance and helped me set up my future treatment plan! I would refer anyone to this office!

Thanks!"- BreAnn M., First-Time Patient

"The massages at Chiropractic Health are great. Lynn does an awesome job working out sore muscles and getting me to relax. I never want my session to end, but when it does I am so refreshed and relaxed, I feel like a new person." - Christy, Patient

"I don't receive desired results with any massage but the deep tissue. It works deep into my sore muscles. I've tried 5 massage therapists before coming to Chiropractic Health. I defintely suggest setting up a deep tissue with Paul or Lynn." - Dave, Patient

"After working out one night, my shoulders were very tight and sore. I could barely move my right shoulder, so I asked Paul, who does NMR, to work on the shoulder.

It was a bit uncomfortable as he was massaging the shoulder, but as soon as he was finished I noticed the improved range-of-motion.

About 15-20 minutes later the shoulder was a lot less sore and with the aid of ice the muscles we so much looser!" - Jenny, Patient

"I have suffered from low back pain for four years. I tried the standard medical treatment that provded only short term results. Traction has given me the most lasting pain relief. I enthusiastically recommend traction to anyone suffering from low back pain." - Keith, Patient

"I started doing E-Stim therapy before or after my adjustment with Dr. Misner and have noticed it helps a whole lot to make my back feel very loosened up. My adjustment holds longer too! I would recommend having E-Stim if you are really tight in a certain area and love the feeling of being massaged." - Patti, Patient

"I received a Hot Stone Massage from Lynn, awesome. It helped with the pain I've been in. If you have never had one, I would suggest get one because it is so beneficial for the body and with the heat of the stones it helps to relax the muscles. Get one soon." - Colleen B., Patient

"I don't get headaches often, but when I do I'm a huge baby! One day I came in to work and had a huge headache, just about to take a Motrin and Dr. Johnson pulls me in to adjust me neck. Wow moment! After that I had to do a massage. During the massage I realized my headache was completely gone and I hadn't even had to take a pain killer! Usually Motrin is the only thing that takes it completely away.

I tell everyone that story because no one needs to walk around in pain. Chiropractic care is a "natural" healing for our bodies. I'm a true believer!" - Lynn, Patient and LMT