"Fabulous care! The staff is amazing! I have never had any issues with Chiropractic Health." - Jason, Patient


"Always a wonderful experience here. Staff is the best and I've always felt cared for personally and professionally. Will always recommend to others!" - Rachel, Patient


"Everyone here are always very pleasant to be around and the service is amazing. I remember when Dr. J would make home visits to my sister-in-law's home before her passing. They treat people like family." - R.S. Patient


"This is absolutely the best chiropractic care I have ever received. Dr. Johnson is knowledgeable and very caring. Excellent staff!" - Susan, Patient


"Everyone is nice to deal with. CHA has helped me from having several surgeries and helped me recover from several injuries." - Marty, Patient 


"During my whole life (now 88) chiropractic has helped me to be free of joint pain, to have good posture and be healthy. At age 25 I had poliomyelitis, and chiropractic was the care I needed to help my body deal with all those physical problems." - Beverly, Patient


"My first new patient visit was great! It was really helpful to have the new patient forms online. It made my first visit convenient and eliminated the waiting time. The girls up front also did a great job helping me understand my insurance and helped me set up my future treatment plan! I would refer anyone to this office! Thanks!"- BreAnn M, First-Time Patient

"I have suffered from low back pain for four years. I tried the standard medical treatment that provided only short term results. Traction has given me the most lasting pain relief. I enthusiastically recommend traction to anyone suffering from low back pain." - Keith, Patient

"I started doing E-Stim therapy before or after my adjustment with Dr. Misner and have noticed it helps a whole lot to make my back feel very loosened up. My adjustment holds longer too! I would recommend having E-Stim if you are really tight in a certain area and love the feeling of being massaged." - Patti, Patient

"I don't get headaches often, but when I do I'm a huge baby! One day I came in to work and had a huge headache, just about to take a Motrin and Dr. Johnson pulls me in to adjust me neck. Wow moment! After that I had to do a massage. During the massage I realized my headache was completely gone and I hadn't even had to take a pain killer! Usually Motrin is the only thing that takes it completely away. I tell everyone that story because no one needs to walk around in pain. Chiropractic care is a "natural" healing for our bodies. I'm a true believer!" - Lynn, Patient and LMT