pH Monitoring


Life is all about balance. This universal truth is especially true when speaking of body pH levels. Body pH is the human body’s need to stay at a certain pH level.

Body pH is an important factor in overall health, but keeping your body pH ideal through diet alone is not always easy.

A great way to monitor and correct your pH is with home pH test strips. While your doctor can check your pH through blood tests, you can get effective test strips that don't require needles right here at the clinic.

pH test strips can measure your pH with litmus paper, reading alkalinity and acidity levels in saliva. Having a normal pH level can help fend off illness and disease and keep your body and mind healthy and strong. By monitoring your pH, we can advise you of the proper changes you need to make to your diet if necessary and suggest any recommended supplements.

Here at Chiropractic Health, we offer the pH Monitoring Kit for only $12. Included are the pH test strips and step by step instructions on the proper way to test you pH at home. Included in the instructions is a 7day chart for you to track your findings.

When chart is complete please bring this into Chiropractic Health Associates and we will be happy to go over your results and design a regimen designed specifically for you nutritional needs.