We now offer Laboratory Test Kits at Chiropractic Health Associates.

This exciting new service works to the patients benefit in many ways.

  • The labs that are offered through us are the same your general practitioner would offer to you at a fraction of the cost.
  • We can run labs for almost anything. Some of the most common would be cholesterol, thyroid function, blood glucose, electrolytes, B12 and folic acid.
  • Not sure if you should have lab work, or what you should have checked out? We are more than happy to help with any and all of your questions! Ask your Doctor at your next adjustment or call and ask for Amy, our nutritionist and office manager. She is very knowledgeable at finding exactly what tests are best suited to help you.
  • Have you ever had labs or bloodwork ran at your primary care physician's office? Would you be interested to know all of the findings and results the doctor did not cover, and more importantly, what can be done to make improvements?
  • Typically you will only be made aware of the biomarkers that are already in the danger zone, where as here, we will throughly cover what are close to being too high or low on and what you could potentially be predisposed to have a concern with.

Great news! We not only can order your lab results with no effort on your part, but we will go over all the results, also information on your prescription drugs and nutrient interactions and health concerns. Then find the best course of action for improvement, all at one small fee!

Call and ask for Amy 406.656.3333 Today!