Electrical Simulation


Electrical Stimulation, or E-Stim, is the use of an electrical device that sends currents through the skin via small electrodes that target muscles.

Muscle stimulation has a wide variety of uses within the medical and chiropractic field including muscle toning, muscle spasm relaxation, and pain prevention.

E-Stim is used to induce muscle contractions that are stimulated by excitation (current) produced directly at the motor nerve. Currents act just like signals sent from the brain to cause muscle contractions.

This treatment is commonly used as part of an adjustment.


"I started doing E-Stim therapy before or after my adjustment with Dr. Misner and have noticed it helps a whole lot to make my back feel very loosened up. My adjustment holds longer too! I would recommend having E-Stim if you are really tight in a certain area and love the feeling of being massaged." -Patti, patient